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Leading Equity

Jan 27, 2020

About Martreece Watson, Ph.D.

Dr. Martreece Watson is an Assistant Professor in the Department of English at Gallaudet University. She holds a Ph.D. in Education from The Ohio State University. 

Her doctoral research focused on the language and literacy practices of culturally, linguistically diverse Black d/Deaf high school students on track to graduate with their high school diploma. 

She teaches courses in English language studies and interdisciplinary courses including, "Black d/Deaf Studies: Comparing Multicultural Perspectives."

In 2018, Dr. Watson implemented the Academic Learning Lab for Student Training, Achievement, and Readiness (ALLSTAR) to support the academic, social and mentoring needs of students of color.

Show Highlights

  • Martreece’s introduction into the deaf and hard of hearing community
  • Audism
  • Things we need to consider when supporting our deaf and hard of hearing youth
  • Deaf Gain
  • Developing an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere
  • Accommodations for students playing sports
  • Addressing some myths of deaf and hard of hearing students
  • Supporting the academic literacy skills of deaf and hard of hearing students

Connect with Martreece

Twitter: @MartreeceW

Connect with me on Twitter @sheldoneakins

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