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Leading Equity

Nov 29, 2018

About Elvina Charley, Ed.S.

Diné (Navajo) bi-lingual school psychologist Elvina Charley, Ed.S., M.A. is the co-chair of the Multicultural Affairs Committee (MAC) of the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) and a practitioner at Kayenta Unified School District. Under Charley’s leadership the Indigenous American Subcommittee of MAC, has developed the Indigenous Conceptual Framework Guiding School Psychology Practice With Indigenous Youth, Families, and Communities, the framework validates the culture and identity of youth and families in school. Charley has been practicing mindfulness since 2013 at recommendation from dear friend and teacher Dr. Bonnie Duran. She has since attended People of Color Retreats, under various teachers at Vallecitos Ranch, Spirit Rock, and Insight Meditation Society in Barre, MA. Charley received training through Mindful Schools to bring back mindfulness to reservations schools. She found parallels between her Diné philosophy of life and mindfulness, which she incorporates in teaching her students.

Show Highlights

  • Supporting the mental well-being of Indigenous youth and families
  • Culturally relevant support groups
  • The Four Sacred Mountains
  • Navajo "Beauty Way" and its similarities to mindfulness
  • Why school psychology is so important to the Navajo People
  • Awareness for all Indigenous people

Connect with Elvina

Twitter: @ElvinaCharley


Additional Resources

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