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Leading Equity

Mar 18, 2019

Get my 5 Tips To Address Implicit Bias Within Ourselves and Others

About Erin Cassar, Ph.D.

Erin Cassar is a Senior Research Associate at the School District of Philadelphia, where she leads health and nutrition-related grant evaluations. As a former public schoolteacher, her research explores how poverty, health, and academic achievement intersect, with a particular focus on addressing food insecurity and other basic needs as part of whole child and trauma-informed approaches.

Show Highlights

  • A study on school food policies in urban schools
  • Looking into school food policies
  • Food insecurity
  • The National School Lunch Program
  • Comparing school lunch programs
  • Student and teacher perspectives on lunch programs

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Additional Resources

Hunger and Fullness: How High-Poverty Urban Students Experience School Food Policy

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