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Leading Equity

Dec 17, 2018

About Gregory Vass

Greg is currently a lecturer at Griffith University.  Building on his experiences as a high school teacher, his work is concerned with learner identities and schooling practices that impact on the experiences and achievements of students. His research interests aim to investigate relationships between policy enactment, pedagogy/curriculum, and educational inequities/privileges. His current research project is focused on working with learning communities as they engage with the skills, knowledges and practices that support Culturally Responsive Schooling.

Show Highlights

  • Australian education and cultural diversity
  • Similarities of equity challenges in Australia and the US
  • A culturally responsive school project
  • Buzzwords educators use and recognize
  • The three dimensions of Culturally Relevant Pedagogy
  • Some challenges with the culturally responsive school project
  • Resistance to identify the need for change
  • Suggestions for university pre-service programs to educate future teachers on Culturally Relevant Pedagogy

Connect with Greg

Preparing for Culturally Responsive Schooling: Initial Teacher Educators into the Fray

Additional Resources

Toward a Theory of Culturally Relevant Pedagogy

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