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Leading Equity

Mar 21, 2019

Get my 5 Tips To Address Implicit Bias Within Ourselves and Others

About Lindsay Page, Ph.D.

Lindsay Page is an assistant professor of research methodology at the University of Pittsburgh School of Education, a research scientist at Pitt’s Learning Research and Development Center, and a faculty research fellow of the National Bureau of Economic Research. Her work focuses on quantitative methods and their application to questions regarding the effectiveness of educational policies and programs across the pre-school to postsecondary spectrum. Much of her recent work has involved the implementation of large-scale randomized trials to investigate innovative strategies for improving students’ transition to and through college. She holds a doctorate in quantitative policy analysis and master's degrees in statistics and in education policy from Harvard University.

Show Highlights

  • A pilot program to combat chronic absenteeism
  • Using a text-messaging service to communicate with families
  • Organization and logistics of the text-messaging communication
  • Multiple benefits to the two-way texting system
  • Results and feedback from the pilot program
  • Sending communication for multi-lingual families
  • The impact of the pilot program on chronic absenteeism
  • Establishing the definition of chronic absenteeism
  • Getting a two-way text-messaging service established

Connect with Lindsay

Twitter: @linzcpage


Additional Resources

Connect-Text: Leveraging Text-Message Communication to Mitigate Chronic Absenteeism and Improve Parental Engagement in the Earliest Years of Schooling

Connect with me on Twitter @sheldoneakins