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Leading Equity

Mar 25, 2019

Get my 5 Tips To Address Implicit Bias Within Ourselves and Others

About Yvette Latunde, Ph.D.

Dr. Yvette Latunde is the co-director for the University of La Verne’s Center for Educational Equity and Intercultural Research (CEEIR) and Professor in the Doctor of Organization Leadership program. She has a desire to bring new insights from local levels to international platforms. Her commitment to mentoring, doctoral-student success, and fostering academic success, and inclusion motivates her to apply concepts of Hospitality and Critical Theories in her research and course-work. Yvette is passionate about teaching, learning, and seeks to inspire others to be their best selves. Her research interests include: Family, Schools, & Community partnerships, Parental Involvement, and Dual Capacity Building. She is the author of numerous peer-reviewed articles and a new book, Research in Parental Involvement: Methods and Strategies for Education and Psychology.

Show Highlights

  • African American parent councils
  • African American parental involvement in their children’s education
  • Starting an African American advisory group
  • Listening to the advisory group and acknowledging their feedback
  • Tips for fostering parental dialog and developing an advisory group
  • Fostering a better sense of community

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Additional Resources

Expanding their Opportunities to Engage: A Case of the African American Parent Council

Research in Parental Involvement: Methods and Strategies for Education and Psychology

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